Project Alfred

This was one of our own projects that we bought with a view to restore a dilapidated Victorian cottage. It was listed on the Victorian heritage database as being of local historic and aesthetic significance as a rare example of a pre-1870 house. The story behind it was a boatman by the name of Charles Hernan was living in the house in 1858 as it was so close to the boatyards and waterfront in Williamstown. Over the years it unfortunately deteriorated and was listed as of heritage significance. We were one of the only buyers willing to take the project on.

We restored the front two rooms (the original cottage) and the back of the house was a new modern double storey extension which gave us a 3 bed/ 2 bath home. Because of the odd shaped block this gave us the opportunity to play on this with abstract angles and lots of use of skylights and timber cladding. We worked with a draftsman to draw up the plans and used our technical knowledge to draw upon workable building techniques to maintain a high end architectural feel whilst staying within budgets and within the heritage parameters.

A lot of the workmanship on this project was made by the Finnes Building Team by hand including all the timber windows, Heritage Sash Windows, overlooking screens, Polished concrete slab to ground floor, Walnut Kitchen and Laundry Joinery, Tasmanian Oak Flooring, Vanity Units, steel balustrades, Fixed Skylights throughout and garden retaining walls and Landscaping.

This is a project we thoroughly enjoyed designing and building to create a stunning space. We had much interest during the sale period and the home was sold to a lucky buyer who was thrilled to call it their home.