Project Glen Iris

This was a renovation project carried out on behalf of Ed Peryman Architecture. The brief was to build a new extension on to the back of an existing Glen Iris period property to encompass 5 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, 2 living spaces and a central kitchen / dining area. The project focused on utilising space and light to create big and bright spaces around central family rooms.

Ed Peryman – Director  of edperyman ARCHITECTURE
”As the director of edperymanArchitecture, I had the pleasure of working directly with the team from Finnes Building Group on the Malvern Road Project.  Dealing with an existing house aways throws up challenges but the team were professional, creative and built an amazing outcome for the client which is a tribute to their ability. There were lots of custom details which were beautifully crafted which made the project such a success.  The Malvern Road Project is a testament to their skill and I look forward to the potential of working with them on future projects.”
“We just wanted to thank all the team at Finnes Building Group for the fantastic work you did on our renovation. Throughout the entire project we were impressed and comforted by the knowledge and attentiveness of everyone involved. There were a lot of technical details that were handled with ease. Stu’s attention to detail and his problem solving skills made the whole process stress free and his workmanship was impeccable, even when challenged with difficult design details requested by us. He puts his hand up to undertake any task required and performs them with ease that produces a quality outcome. He just knows how to do things properly. We could not be happier with the end result and would highly recommend Finnes for any project put to them. A great team and a fantastic outcome. Well done. Thanks again and all the best for your future projects.”
Sophie and Lachy

Owners , House renovation Glen Iris House